Adena at Miami Bluffs Information


Thank you for considering Adena at Miami Bluffs as your future home.  We are proud of the community we call home.  As a prospective buyer, you may also be interested in learning more about the community.  This page is designed to answer the common questions we receive from buyers like you.

What is the COA?

A Condo Owners' Association is an organization of residents.  A buyer will automatically become a member with the purchase of a home/unit within the development.  As a member, the homeowner has a voice and vote in the Associations’ affairs.  These votes are cast during Annual or Special Meetings of the general membership.

The automatic membership Condo Owners’ Association is an incorporated, non-profit organization operating under a recorded land agreement through which each lot owner in a described area is automatically a member.  Each member is subject to a charge for proportionate share of expenses for maintenance of common property and support of other necessary activities of the organization.

All Adena at Miami Bluffs owners are required to be part of the Miami Bluffs COA as well.

What are the fees?

The fees vary based upon the unit and are paid monthly.  For unit specific fee information, please contact the realtor for the specific unit.  There are no special assessments and the COA does not charge a buyer transfer fee.  

What amenities does Adena Miami Bluffs have?

Adena at Miami Bluffs has several community amenities including:
     -Stocked pond for catch and release fishing
     -Access to all Miami Bluffs COA amenities
     -Water and Trash Removal included in month assessment

Community Documents

Adena at Miami Bluffs By-Laws
Adena at Miami Bluffs Use Restrictions 
Adena at Miami Bluffs Dump Station Policy
Adena at Miami Bluffs Lake Policy
Adena at Miami Bluffs Radon Mitigation Policy